The Future Unveiled – Albert Park’s New Downtown Library Conceptual Drawings Revealed!

In an exciting development for San Rafael, we are thrilled to present a sneak peek into the conceptual drawings created for the new downtown library at Albert Park. This is just an idea of what a future combined library and community center could look like, and should we succeed in passing a ballot measure, the City will review a range of designs before making a decision. But it is very exciting to see one possibility for the Albert park location. These drawings offer an preview of the building we hope will transform our cityscape, providing an enriching space for learning, collaboration, and cultural exchange.


In 2017, the beginnings of what would become SRPLF initiated the search for suitable locations to address San Rafael’s pressing need for a new downtown library. The concept for Albert Park materialized in the following years, which, as a bonus, would modernize the dated community center. After evaluating all available options, our Foundation has embraced this vision. This preliminary plan stands as the City’s optimal solution to a severely lacking library space for programming and activities.


The envisioned design for the new downtown library at Albert Park would bring over 30,000 square feet of library space to downtown San Rafael (7,200 of which would be shared with the community center).  Along with other plans to expand the library at Pickleweed and cement and grow the library as part of the Northgate development plan, these plans would collectively bring San Rafael in line with its neighboring cities in library square footage per capita.  While the final design will change, these plans offer an exciting glimpse into what the new library would bring to our City.

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The San Rafael Public Library Foundation is excited to introduce the Revitalize San Rafael Libraries & Community Center Sponsored by San Rafael Public Library Foundation advocacy committee. This committee will play a crucial role in securing the funds necessary to place our long-awaited downtown library on the ballot. As a Citizens Initiative, we will rely on non-tax-deductible contributions to support the political efforts for this measure. By uniting efforts between the San Rafael Public Library Foundation and the Revitalize San Rafael Libraries & Community Center, sponsored by the San Rafael Public Library Foundation, we can achieve far more together. Join us in making a difference—your donation today is invaluable!

Charting a New Chapter: Transformative Plans for San Rafael’s Downtown Library & Carnegie Building

Over the past few years, SRPLF extensively evaluated several possibilities for the new Downtown San Rafael Library, examining locations like Boyd Park and Albert Park. We put a special emphasis on exploring the renovation of the existing location, given the community’s attachment and regard for the Carnegie library there. Through this thorough exploration, it became evident that site of the Carnegie next to City Hall does not offer sufficient space to meet the diverse and growing needs of our community. 

We Need Your Support to Build a New Library to Serve Generations to Come!